Battery Buddy

Battery Buddy
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BatteryBuddy constantly monitors the available battery voltage and if the battery voltage falls below 12.5v for approximately 40 seconds the connected accessories are isolated from the battery to guarantee starting power.

It then switches accessories back on again automatically after return of normal voltage.

Connect your heated clothing, Navigation Aids, Chargers, LED lights etc, up to a total of 30A in a neat and safe way with no need to cut into your loom to find a switched live, no ignition live feed required.

Simply connect your battery to one set of terminals and your accessories to the other!




The Battery Buddy, Battery Guard is a device that will monitor the source voltage and disconnect the connected accessories if the voltage falls below a pre-determined level. 
This can work to ensure that there is always sufficient voltage remaining in the battery to start the engine or ensure power is available for critical applications. 

The total discharge of a lead acid battery can also cause damage to the cells significantly shortening the life of the battery, so the Battery Buddy unit is set to disconnect equipment at a voltage that will protect the battery from total discharge, while allowing for maximum battery useage.


• Automatic Battery Disconnect & Reconnect: Convenient, Safe
• Emergency override available.
• Easy to Connect
• Fully Waterproof.
• Small size
• Maximizes Battery Life: Maintenance Free
• Extend the life of your battery and electronic devices
• Up to 30A total load capacity
• Transferable From Vehicle to Vehicle
• Guarantees engine start voltage
• Ecologically Friendly: Reduces Number of Batteries Discarded Into the Environment
• Smart! No ignition, switched live feed wire is required.


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